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Postal workers in France are helping elderly people fight loneliness

A La Poste postman on his daily route. Image: REUTERS/Stephane Mahe
While we’re living longer, not everyone is living healthier and happier lives – and many countries are struggling to look after an increasingly lonely, ageing population. By 2050, it’s predicted that more than a quarter of people in France (20 million) will be aged 65 and over, as women are expected to live to 90 and men to 87.
But the country has come up with a unique way of catering to the needs of its elderly, while enabling them to remain living in their own homes. Image: Insee Mail workers for the French postal service La Poste are being paid to pop in on elderly people on a weekly basis, before sending updates to concerned relatives. Called Veiller Sur Mes Parents (watch over my parents), the service costs from 19.90 euros ($22.50) a month and includes a weekly visit and report, as well as a monthly personalized newsletter made from family messages and photos the post worker prints out. There’s also a 24-hour h…

UNESCO adopts the first United Nations international treaty on higher education

26 November 2019 global-convention-adopted-c-getty-rawpixel.jpg Getty/Rawpixel On 25 November 2019, UNESCO’s Member States adopted the first United Nations convention on higher education when the plenary of the 40th session of the General Conference endorsed the Global Convention on Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education. The new convention establishes universal principles for recognition of studies and degrees, and will improve mobility for the more than 220 million students enrolled in higher education worldwide.

Vienna Discussion Forum 2019 on ending violence against women

VIENNA, 21 November 2019 - The first Vienna Discussion Forum, a platform to discuss and call for action on gender equality within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressed gender-based violence from the perspective of the respective mandates of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), namely women’s economic empowerment (SDGs 8 and 9), and crime prevention, criminal justice responses (SDG 16). The Forum, which marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November), was organized by UNIDO and the UNODC, together with the representatives of Finland, Norway and Sweden. It is clear that we need to develop comprehensive approaches to address violence against women. Crime prevention and criminal justice responses and women’s economic empowerment can complement each other in this endeavour,” said UNIDO Director General LI Yong. “We work together with gove…

Greenhouse gases hit a new record in 2018, says U.N.

Extreme weather events like this 'Sand Fire' in Los Angeles are adding to greenhouse gas emissions. Image: REUTERS/Gene Blevins Emma Farge, The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose from 405.5 parts per million in 2017 to 407.8 ppm in 2018The World Meteorological Organization found the annual increase in another greenhouse gas methane was the highest since 1998The figures come ahead of the U.N. climate change summit in Madrid next week Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a new record in 2018, exceeding the average yearly increase of the last decade and reinforcing increasingly damaging weather patterns, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Monday. The U.N. agency’s Greenhouse Gas Bulletin is one of a series of studies to be published ahead of a U.N. climate change summit being held in Madrid next week, and is expected to guide discussions there. It measures the atmospheric concentration of the gases responsible for global warming, rather than…

Generation Equality action pack, November 2019: Generation Equality Stands against Rape

Generation Equality action pack, November 2019: Generation Equality Stands against Rape Top stories | Unpack the Everyday | Video | News | Social media | Facts and figures | Infographic End rape—an intolerable cost to society In her message for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka says: "If I could have one wish granted, it might well be a total end to rape". Read the full message► Rape, a single word with devastating impact that spans decades, even generations. It destroys bodies and minds and puts peace in jeopardy. When left unpunished or trivialized, it creates a pervasive culture where sexual violence is normalized, women and girls are undervalued, and entire communities and nations are left fractured. Too many of us fail to name or challenge the rape culture that surrounds us. Through words, actions and inactions; discriminatory laws or leniency towards perpetrators; through the media we cons…

Violence Against Women "Facts Everyone should Know"